Here are some archived articles on Claude Gordon & H.L. Clarke's teachings. One was written by Claude and the other by my first teacher, Carl Leach. Claude & Carl Articles

Developing Support & Breath Control

Eric discusses and demonstrates how to develop support and breath control on brass instruments. Downloads: Schlossburg 12 Schlossburg 12 bass clef

Altered Scale Flow Study for brass

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Eric demonstrates and discusses a fun way to warm up using improvisation. Downloads: Sheet music in Bb Sheet music in bass clef iRealB file Mp3 play-along (Left-click to play. Right-click to "save link as") Band In A Box f…

Twelve Range Studies

Today I added Twelve Range Studies to the FREE Stuff page. A nice resource for trumpet players and teachers.

Jazz Warm-Up #2

Hi Everyone; Created Jazz Warm-Up #2 with Altered Scale flow studies, Intervals in Fourths and a Bop Range Study. Free download under Sample Pages: Eb

Claude Gordon Systematic Approach to Trumpet

Eric discusses and demonstrates how to practice the pedal tone and range studies similar to those in Claude Gordon’s Systematic Approach. Detailed discussion and demonstration of pedal tones for trumpet. Downloads: Intro Pedal…

Modern Jazz Trumpet Method – Part 2

, Eric demonstrates and discusses: Articulation Arpeggios 6 Intervals 1 Range Builder 6 Download: Intervals 1 Arpeggios 6 Range Builder 6

Modern Jazz Trumpet Method – Part 1

, Eric demonstrates and discusses: Improvisation Cyclic practice Scale Patterns 6 Download Scale Patterns 6

K-Tongue Modified

, Eric demonstrates and discusses K-tongue-modified, a tonguing technique for trumpet that will enhance sound, flexibility, range and endurance. Download: K-Tongue Modified

Tongue Level & Air – Part 2

, Eric demonstrates and discusses: CG breathing Glissandos Centered Sound Trills  Download: Intro Lesson 1 Instructions Lesson 1 Lesson 10 Instructions Lesson 10 Lesson 18 Instructions Lesson…

Tongue Level & Air – Part 1

, Eric demonstrates and discusses: The balance Haa-Too breathing Long tones Tongue level Breath push Octaves Download: Introduction Lesson 1 instructions Lesson 1 Lesson 10 instructions Lesson…
Pedal Tones

How To: Play Pedal Tones

Pedal tones are special notes in the harmonic series of cylindrical-bore brass instruments. A pedal tone has the pitch of its harmonic series' fundamental tone. Its name comes from the pedals of a pipe organ. Cylindrical brasses do…

The 7 Minute Trumpet Warm-Up

, Eric explains and demonstrates a unique way to warm-up and improve your trumpet playing. FREE Download 1. Ha-too breathing with corners engaged.  You may want to bow through the mouthpiece first to get the…

The Pencil Exercise

This video explains how, why and when to do the controversial pencil exercise.