Review Classic Claude Gordon Trumpet Lessons


Claude Gordon

Review some of my favorite classic lessons with trumpet teacher Claude Gordon.

claude61 claude51 claude41 claude31 claude21 claude11

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  1. Eladio P Aguilar
    Eladio P Aguilar says:

    Hey there Eric!

    I’ve heard of you before and even watched and learned from some of your tutorials (Nice!), but I never knew you are such a GREAT wealth of information. BTW, I just bought your: The Arban’s Manual; I’m looking forward to receiving it! Thank you, very much, for all your dedication, valuable time invested in all of us trumpet players, and sharing, as only YOU do, with all of us; it is MUCH APPRECIATED! I truly look forward to studying your other tutorials.

    By the way, I never got to meet Claude Gordon but through you, I feel as if I have. This is the closest I ever got to meeting him and from a KIND stranger, at that!

    Thank You! It was a pleasure!


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