Eric Bolvin’s Musical Archives

These recordings follow the history of my compositions with a few tunes by others thrown in for historical purposes. Many of the recordings were recorded live to cassette. In 1984 I bought a Fostex 4-track cassette recorder which was used with a Radio Shack stereo condenser mic that was given to me by my friend John Gehman (RIP). It was known as “The Magic Mic”.
I apologize for the audio on some of the earlier tunes. The tapes have been sitting for over 30-40 years in some cases. I did the best I could to bring some fidelity back to them.

1979 Westmont High School Jazz Quintet

My senior year we decided to do a combo and we ended up writing music. I’ve included two of John’s tunes because of their historical significance and to show how mature of a writer he was at a young age.

Personnel: Eric Bolvin-trumpet, flugelhorn. John Gehman-bass. Robert Hall-alto sax. Greg Hasson-piano. Tom Batson-drums.

Mothra (Gehman)

Wull (Gehman)

Some Frustrated Funk Junk (Bolvin)

1979 Tuza

This was a fun band that I played with in high school. These two EB originals were recorded in our rehearsal space. Paul Fox pulled his VW Bug loaded with recording gear up to the front door and we did most of it live.

Personnel: Eric Bolvin-trumpet, flugelhorn, composer. Keith Blocher-sax. Doug Booth-guitar. Brad Maddix-keyboards. Jim Guyette-bass. Bowen Brown-drums. Mickey Joseph-percussion.

Take It To The Max


1980-83 West Valley College Daddio Big Band

I started playing at WVC in 1975 in their afternoon bands which allowed advanced high school kids to play. By 1980 I had worked my way up to lead trumpet in the “night band” which traditionally had lots of educators and pros in the band, hence the “Daddios”. The director of the band was Joe Davis and I am grateful to him for believing in me and my music. The personnel would be too varied to list as these recordings represent the band in different years. “El Quito” was my first big band chart and everyone liked it so I wrote “Faded Duck” which ended up being a big hit (for me). I ended up in the studio around 1984 recording “Faded Duck”.

Faded Duck studio band: Trumpets: Rich Theurer, Brian Boothe, John Worley, Eric Bolvin. Trombones: Chris Braymen, Jeff Cressman, Dan Marcus, Steve Barnhill. Saxes: Rory Snyder-soprano, Antony Pickard-alto, Steve Steinberg, Tom Politzer-tenors, Howard Cespedes-bari. Bob Valderrama-piano. Ed Harris-guitar. John Gehman-bass. Chris Eaton-drums. Don Heinsen-engineer, studio owner-Hot Tracks Studios.

El Quito

Faded Duck-live

Faded Duck-studio

L.A. Smog

1981-82 San Jose State Combo

My first year at SJS I was put in a really great combo by Professor Dwight Cannon and we ended up playing and recording a lot of original material in the school’s studio. We were winners in the combo division at the PCCJF (Pacific Coast Collegiate Jazz Festival) which is a huge festival at UC Berkeley. I’ve included that performance in its entirety. I am grateful to Dwight and all the fellas in the band for their belief in me and my music.
Personnel: Eric Bolvin-trumpet, flugelhorn. Steve Steinberg-tenor sax. Jeff Cressman-trombone. Brian Mitchell-piano. Keith Kawazoe-bass. Dave Meade-drums. Dave Silliman-percussion

Chad Meets The Reggae Monster

Rio Del Mar

1982 PCCJF Set: Bedrock Boogie (Steinberg), Rio Del Mar (Bolvin), unknown piece, Jackhammer (Mitchell)

1982-83 Montage

Montage was a very popular band made up of SJS students. We played a lot of gigs and had a nice following of SJS students who came out to see us. These recordings were done at FT Atlantis in Los Gatos which was one of many jazz fusion clubs in the South Bay that were supported by KPEN radio. It was a fun era and we were great friends. Candlestick Park was my first big hit.
To hear the studio versions go to The Lost Recordings
Personnel: Eric Bolvin-trumpet, flugelhorn. Steve Steinberg-tenor sax. Brian Mitchell-piano. Pat Caploe-guitar. Tom Bochold-bass. Don Veca-drums.

Candlestick Park version 1

Candlestick Park version 2

Not Even

1983-85 Eric Bolvin Group

This was a nice band that I put together for my college recital and we ended up playing a lot of gigs and eventually signing a record deal with ITI Records out of LA. Unfortunately, the only live recordings were from that senior recital. You can hear the studio recordings on The Lost Recordings CD.
Personnel: Eric Bolvin-trumpet, flugelhorn. Steve Steinberg-tenor sax. Bob Valderrama-piano. Ed Harris-guitar. John Gehman-bass. Chris Eaton-drums.
*“Open For Suggestions” is an improvised piece and this may be its only performance. Listening back, it’s a really great performance and there was a guy sitting right in front who dug it and you can hear him at the end “Oh Yeah…Yeah”. I gave him a little tribute at the end.

The Equestrian

Open….For Suggestions

1984-1989 The Ensemble

The Ensemble was a really great and popular fusion band on the SF Peninsula that I used to go see play going back to my high school days, so when Joe Devito called me to play a gig with them, I jumped at the chance. Eventually we started doing my tunes and “Want You Around”, “Hip Pocket” and “Moot Point” became big hits for us. This was also where I started playing EVI and keyboards. These recordings were made at the Miramar Beach Inn in Half Moon Bay where we held down the Sunday night gig for many years.
Personnel: Eric Bolvin-trumpet, EVI, keyboards. Steve Steinberg or Tom Politzer-tenor sax. Tony Baker or Garth Webber-guitar. Joseph Devito-bass. James Page-keyboards. Jimmy Sanchez or Ronnie Beck-drums.

On 25th Avenue

Hip Pocket 1

Hip Pocket 2

Want You Around

Moot Point 1

Moot Point 2

Sittin’ In It


Eric Bolvin Group 1992-1995

This group was formed to play the jazz series at Gordon Biersch brewery. Dan Gordon who is a friend of mine and great bass bone player, would give each band a weekly gig for a month or two each summer so it was a great opportunity to get back in to playing originals. To hear studio recordings of this band listen to Eric Bolvin’s Quorum CD.
Personnel: Eric Bolvin-trumpet, EVI, keyboards. Tom Politzer-saxes. Mark Gelfand-keyboards. Joseph Devito-bass. Mike Vanderhule-drums.


Off The Façade

So what came next?

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