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Lesson Plan & Manuscript Book

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All teachers and students can use this book. It is simply an outline for developing a consistent practice routine.

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The following is the introduction to the book:

The lesson plan format presented in this volume was first introduced to me by Carl Leach, my private teacher from age 11 through 17. Carl simply wrote the outline along with exercises or other notation in a blank manuscript book at our weekly lesson. When I turned 17, Carl sent me on to his teacher, Claude Gordon, whom I studied with for six years. Claude made us buy a four ring binder that held 8 ½” x 13″ paper. He had custom-made paper with outlines and reminders (Chest Up!) that fit these exotic binders and this is where he wrote our lesson plans. Claude based his teachings on his instructor, Herbert L. Clarke, who is considered by many to be the father of brass teaching methods in the United States.

How To Use This Book

All teachers and students can use this book. It is simply an outline for developing a consistent practice routine. Sections A and B should consist of exercises that are for the instrument. For trumpet this may include flexibility, long tones, scales, arpeggios, buzzing, pedal tones or any other technical exercise. Sections C, D and E should be used for assignments concerning music. These could include etudes, jazz transcriptions, orchestral excerpts, concertos, ensemble parts or any other musical application. The indications for REST are very important for all brass players. You must always rest as much as you play during the A and B sections of the lesson.This is the “warm-up” section of your routine and you will feel better if you take your time during these first and most important steps. If you become fatigued during parts A or B, you are not resting enough and shouldstart fresh the next day, all the while considering the fact that you have not rested properly.

The opposing manuscript page is for writing scales, exercises, tunes, licks, notes, or whatever you wish to write there.

The book also has a space at the bottom for students to write down how much time they practice each day.




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