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The Progressive Warm Up

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The warm-up is an integral component of playing, sometimes lasting two hours or more. I end up in the middle of all this with The Progressive Warm-Up.

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The warm-up is an integral component of every brass player’s daily practice. Brass teachers have always been at odds as to what a good warm-up should consist of. My teacher Claude Gordon believed that there should be no prescribed warm-up, as the first notes of the day would fill that need. Others believe in a set warm-up that is done the same every day and never changes. And then there are those teachers who believe a warm-up should cover every aspect of playing, sometimes lasting two hours or more. I end up in the middle of all this with The Progressive Warm-Up.

When does the warm-up become practicing? A warm-up should consist of familiar material, but not so familiar that it becomes stale. It should also address the fundamental aspects of trumpet playing without over-pushing the limits of our technique. Follow the warm-up with a technique session and then work on music. This format will keep your practice fresh, consistent and productive.

The Progressive Warm-Up consists of three groups of foundation exercises:

  • I. Flow Studies
  • II. Tonguing
  • III. Slurs.



4 reviews for The Progressive Warm Up

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    William Gilmour

    I’ve been a trumpet player for a long time and I am amazed how good Eric Bolvin’s method/practice books are. They’re actually kind of a revelation to me even though I grew up on Clarke and all the other classic books. “Flex On The Move” is especially good as it allows/demands a constant air stream and allows the player to think musically. I’ve found it and “The Progressive Warm Up” to be very, very helpful when paired together. By focusing on the musicality of the exercises, I’m already a better player. I’m sure glad Eric is out there.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Erics method books have been most helpful to me. I’ve played trumpet for a long time, but never properly built up the fundamental foundations for playing at a high level. With Erics method books I’ve been able to step back and work the fundamentals, creating a solid foundation for playing. My playing has become easier, and range and endurance have increased. Thanks Eric for a job well done on well thought out and orgainized material

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    John Ellis

    I’ve been using your warmup book for about 8 months and wanted to give you some feedback.

    By way of intro, I’ve been playing professionally for about 25 years and because of the demands of my job I allowed my skills to atrophy to the point where I could play my gig, but had stagnated to the point where learning new rep was difficult and was muscling everything, my accuracy was also disappearing.

    Your warmup book has enabled me to get back my flexibility and use technique instead of power. It’s well paced and on days when I can’t do it all I hit 2-3 from each and I’m good to go. At this point I do the end stage for each group (1-2,3-4,5-6… etc) and rotate them throughout the week so I hit them all every week. They take between 20-25 minutes and rotating them keeps me fresh.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Eric Vine

    I am a comeback player and started playing around 4 years ago after over 30 years off the horn.

    Eric’s material is great, i use the flex on the move and it really gets things moving. I have lessons with an ex Claude Gordon guy (not Eric!) who doesn’t believe in any warm up but i feel i need something, so i have started The Progressive warm up and it seems to be helping, its not over the top but feels like it might be right for what i need from a warm up

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