Trumpet Mic Demo with EV RE20, CAD Trion-7000

This is a demonstration of two inexpensive high quality recording microphones that work well for trumpet, flugelhorn, and muted trumpet. The mics are the Eletro-Voice RE20, a dynamic mic and the CAD Trion-7000.


I purchased the RE20 for $400 from Sweetwater Music and the Trion 7000 from ZSounds for $259 My playing and tone are far from perfect here, but that may actually give us a better perspective on how a mic records the horn. It does seem that the RE20 seems to pick up the tonal imperfections better (which is a BAD thing). This is especially true on the second set of takes where I play louder and brassier. The RE20 sounds almost brittle here, while the Trion 7000 retains the warmth. Overall, I think the Trion 7000 does a better job, with the exception of the Harmon track. I liked the way the RE20 picked up the buzz of the Harmon. Conversely, that’s what I didn’t like about it on the other tracks. The Trion 7000 picks up a lot more color and less of the “dirt” that sometimes exists in trumpet tone, especially at high volumes. I’d love to hear what you think, so please send me an email with your comments.


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  1. pablo montenegro
    pablo montenegro says:

    Hello Eric, thanks for you test, its great!!! I like cad trion 7000 . Maybe to record mute it would prove a smaller proximity . Sorry my bad inglish. best regards!!!

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