Improvisation – Lesson 5 – Diatonic Time Workout

Eric's creative new method helps you improve your time and play in 12 keys throughout your entire range. Features: 18 minute streaming video 3 pages of sheet music in your key 2 MP3 play-alongs 2 Band-in-a-Box files (optional) Downloads: …

Improvisation – Lesson 4 – Practicing Licks

, Improv Lesson 4 is about how to practice licks and arpeggios. Eric demonstrates and discusses improvisation, the three main chord types, transposing to 12 keys and how to practice arpeggios.

Improvisation – Lesson 3 – The ii-V-I

, Improv Lesson 3 is an introduction to the ii-V-I progression. Eric discusses and demonstrates the major ii-V-I progression using diatonic scales, passing tones and altered tones. Download Downloads: ii-v-i_bass_clef ii-v-i_bb ii-v-i_c ii-v-i_eb

Improvisation – Lesson 2 – How To Play The Blues

, Improv Lesson 2 is all about the blues. Eric explains and demonstrates how easy it is to play the blues. Great for beginners, advanced improvisers or teachers! Download 3-note_scale_bb_blues_bb 3-note_scale_bb_blues_bc …

Improvisation – Lesson 1 – Note Usage (Start here)

, Improv Lesson 1 is a great way to get started with improvising! Eric explains and demonstrates his concept of note usage and how to use it in your improvisation. Great for beginners, advanced improvisers or teachers! F…

Improvisation – Lesson 7 – Rhythm Changes Workout

, Eric discusses and demonstrates Rhythm Changes. Downloads: Play-along Band In A Box file Rhythm Changes Workout BC Rhythm Changes Workout TC Rhythm Changes Workout Bb 144 Download Rhythm Changes…