Recording Studio

Eric’s Recording Studio can arrange, record, produce, mix and master your song or album in master quality for a very reasonable cost. Most songs can be fully recorded and produced for around $350.

Eric Bolvin is an award-winning composer and producer. He is signed to Innervision Records, a winner of the 2010 Billboard World Music Contest and has placed over 600 songs with libraries and media outlets.

Studio Equipment List

  • Pro-Tools 9, Reason 4 with Reason Drum-Kits and Reason Pianos
  • Spectrasonics Omnisphere & Trillian, East-West Quantum Leap Gold, IK Multimedia Mastering & Effects bundle
  • Summit Audio 2BA-221 mic pre-amp. CAD Trion ribbon mic
  • Electrovoice RE20, MXL condenser mics, Shure SM58.
  • Midi EVI with Roland JV1010, Yamaha VL70m and Mr. Sax A, T & B, The Trombone
  • Kurzweil PC1se digital piano.

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Listen to our work!

Project for vocalist Lynea Diaz-Hagen:

Softly As In a Morning Sunrise

Bye Bye Blackbird (full band mix)

Bye Bye Blackbird (vocal & piano mix)

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