Horns R Us

Professional Recording Studio Trumpet & EVI Services


  • Add a complete horn section to your songs!
  • I arrange the horns OR use your arrangement or ideas
  • Add a solo to your recording
  • Syncs right up to your recording
  • Eric’s one man section using real trumpets and EVI keeps the cost down!
  • Quick turnaround!
  • Most songs just $250 for a FIVE piece section!
  • *A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to begin the work. The balance is due upon approval of the finished work.

How It Works

  • You send me a “rough mix” of your song-mp3, wav or aiff*
  • I arrange and record your horn section
  • I send you an mp3 for your approval
  • I send the final tracks through WeTransfer and you add them right into your project

*Detailed instructions provided

Listen to our work!

The following songs feature Eric Bolvin on trumpets and Electric Valve Instrument. The EVI is a remarkable instrument that can emulate any wind instrument. Because of its breath control capabilities, the EVI sounds “real” on horn parts, whereas keyboards and sequences sound cheesy.

Suburban Bourbon” – This is a funky five piece plus a trombone section.

Side Street Strut – Five-piece horn section and trumpet solo.

 Gene’s Big Band – Full big band features trombones, saxes and trumpets.

 “Funk’in In America – Five-piece in full harmony. Trombone solo.

Jammin With Willie – Five horns a la Funkadelic. Be sure to hang around for the bridge!

Wordly Man – Ballad with five horns features bari sax.

Grand Central – Three horns in the style of The Brecker Brothers.

 3 O’clock Bump – This is a full big band with me doing all the horns and rhythm.

Sonata For Trumpet

 Stand Up!!


Mr. Mike’s Salon

The following three songs are on the new release “Mr. Mike’s Salon” by Bay Area guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Michael Renwick. To hear more cuts from the cd go to www.MikeRenwick.com Listen to three versions of each song; the final mastered version, the rough mix that was provided to me, and a special mix with the horns “up front” so you can really hear them.  All arrangements by Eric Bolvin.

Fill You Up –  features five horns Tower Of Power style

Rough mix

Final version

Dream Lover – features the fat five piece

Rough mix

Horns up front

Final version

  • Listen to more examples of my horn work at: Studio Samples
  • To see the EVI in action, visit our media page.
  • If you are interested in adding a great horn sound to your song or have any questions email Eric

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