Theory Lesson #2 Basic Horn Arranging

Eric discusses and demonstrates basic commercial horn arranging.

Theory Lesson #1: Modal Characteristics

Eric discusses and demonstrates the 8 modes and their characteristic sounds.

Twelve Range Studies

Today I added Twelve Range Studies to the FREE Stuff page. A nice resource for trumpet players and teachers.

Jazz Warm-Up #2

Hi Everyone; Created Jazz Warm-Up #2 with Altered Scale flow studies, Intervals in Fourths and a Bop Range Study. Free download under Sample Pages: Eb

Intonation Study

Eric demonstrates how to improve your intonation and check the intonation of your instruments. Download: Intonation Study

Don’t Change Horses In The Middle Of The Stream - The Downtown All-Stars - composed by Eric Bolvin This video of Don’t Change Horses In The Middle Of The Stream featuring "The Downtown All-Stars" is not the greatest recording and we are winging it, but all in all sounds pretty good. The EB Horns: Doug…

On 25th Avenue - Eric Bolvin's Quorum On 25th Avenue is a little funky thing I wrote many years ago. Features the EVI.

Latin tune? - Tony Vega & Julito Alvarado y su Orquestra I don’t do many Latin gigs these days but this was a cool gig. Most of the band was flown in from Puerto Rico where Tony Vega is a well known star. We rehearsed once and then did this gig. All these cats were…

Tutu - Eric Bolvin’s Quorum Tutu is a fun tune to play and we do a free form arrangement.

Claude Gordon Systematic Approach to Trumpet

Eric discusses and demonstrates how to practice the pedal tone and range studies similar to those in Claude Gordon’s Systematic Approach. Detailed discussion and demonstration of pedal tones for trumpet. Downloads: Intro Pedal…

Improvisation - Lesson 6 - Pentatonics and Fourths

, Eric discusses Trumpet Improvisation and demonstrates pentatonic scales and how to practice them in his new book: The Big Book Of Pentatonics & Fourths. Downloads: Intro Pattern2

Improvisation - Lesson 5 - Diatonic Time Workout

Eric's creative new method helps you improve your time and play in 12 keys throughout your entire range. Features: 18 minute streaming video 3 pages of sheet music in your key 2 MP3 play-alongs 2 Band-in-a-Box files (optional) Downloads: Sheet…

Improvisation - Lesson 4 - Practicing Licks

, Improv Lesson 4 is about how to practice licks and arpeggios. Eric demonstrates and discusses improvisation, the three main chord types, transposing to 12 keys and how to practice arpeggios.

Improvisation – Lesson 3 - The ii-V-I

, Improv Lesson 3 is an introduction to the ii-V-I progression. Eric discusses and demonstrates the major ii-V-I progression using diatonic scales, passing tones and altered tones. Download Downloads: ii-v-i_bass_clef ii-v-i_bb ii-v-i_c ii-v-i_eb

Improvisation - Lesson 2 - How To Play The Blues

, Improv Lesson 2 is all about the blues. Eric explains and demonstrates how easy it is to play the blues. Great for beginners, advanced improvisers or teachers! Download 3-note_scale_bb_blues_bb 3-note_scale_bb_blues_bc 3-note_scale_bb_blues_c 3-note_scale_bb_blues_eb Band-in-a-Box…